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How I Became a Calisthenics Personal Trainer, and Why I Do What I Do?​

I've had a lifelong passion for calisthenics and exercise​. In 2017, I finally had an opportunity to teach people not only how to get stronger with calisthenics but also how to perform impressive bodyweight skills.

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The Beauty of Parallettes

How would you react if I tell you that there is a little inexpensive tool that can basically enable you to practice the elite sport of gymnastics in your own home or nearby park? Parallettes are a set of two small portable parallel bars designed for upper body workout. It's one of the simplest yet … Continue reading The Beauty of Parallettes

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Calisthenics Classes in Leeds Meanwood Park

Outdoor calisthenics class in Meanwood Park Leeds LS6 at 7pm on Mondays. Class Type: Full Body Calisthenics Equipment: Rings, Parallettes, Yoga Mat and Floor. Location: Meanwood Park, 92-96 Green Rd, Leeds LS6 4 Date & Time: every Monday at 19.00 Duration: 1 hour Price: £5 per person Spaces available: 7 All ages and abilities welcome. … Continue reading Calisthenics Classes in Leeds Meanwood Park

Best Exercises Learning Handstands Beginners Calisthenics Personal Trainer Leeds

10 Exercises for Learning a Freestanding Handstand for Beginners My best 10 exercises for learning a freestanding handstand on your own. #1 Crow Pose Strengthens wrists and shoulders #2 Press Ups Strengthens triceps and shoulders #3 Lying Leg Raises with Crunch Strengthens the core and hips #4 Wall Assisted Handstand Builds strong wrists and shoulders Facing in. Tuck pelvis in and engage the … Continue reading 10 Exercises for Learning a Freestanding Handstand for Beginners