Calisthenics Classes in Leeds Gyms

Leeds is yet to open a proper calisthenics gym. The city has a large student population which will certainly benefit from it. Luckily, there are two places that offer calisthenics classes at the time of writing. If you are only searching for a gym that has calisthenics equipment, check out this article instead. At the … Continue reading Calisthenics Classes in Leeds Gyms

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Calisthenics Classes 2019: Start Date & Other News

I've had quite a few inquiries asking whether I'll be running any outdoor classes in 2019 and the answer is yes. I'm looking to hold the first session on the 1st April at the usual time and place. New Class Structure It's important to note that this year's classes will be slightly different from last … Continue reading Calisthenics Classes 2019: Start Date & Other News

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How to Train for Calisthenics Skills?

FREQUENCY & DURATION Regardless of the whether you are a beginner or advanced, if your goal is to learn a skill, such as the handstand or muscle up, you should train for that skill at least 4 times a week for no more than an hour. The duration of your skill training session could be … Continue reading How to Train for Calisthenics Skills?