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Hawksworth Calisthenics Rig Leeds

I saw this place on Google Maps by accident and went to check it out on the same day. I was really excited, thinking I'd find a nice pull up bar for muscle ups. Disappointingly, the rig is not as versatile as it looks. It's good for only pull ups, dips and levers. It may … Continue reading Hawksworth Calisthenics Rig Leeds

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Calisthenics Classes 2018: Start Date and Important Info.

With daily temperatures gradually rising up, I'm excited to announce this year's calisthenics classes will commence on 16th April 2018! The current weather forecast on that day looks good with 13° intermittent sunshine in the afternoon. I'm also happy to announce that the council has granted me full permission to run outdoor classes in Meanwood … Continue reading Calisthenics Classes 2018: Start Date and Important Info.