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Suggest a New Class

Since not everyone is free to attend Monday's training at 7pm, I'm looking to set up new classes and I wonder if people have a preference about start times.

Calisthenics Classes Leeds Meanwood Park Bodyweight Circuit Training

Calisthenics Classes in Leeds Meanwood Park

Outdoor calisthenics class in Meanwood Park Leeds LS6 at 7pm on Mondays. Class Type: Full Body Calisthenics Equipment: Rings, Parallettes, Yoga Mat and Floor. Location: Meanwood Park, 92-96 Green Rd, Leeds LS6 4 Date & Time: every Monday at 19.00 Duration: 1 hour Price: £5 per person Spaces available: 7 All ages and abilities welcome. … Continue reading Calisthenics Classes in Leeds Meanwood Park