My name is Vlad and I’m a bodyweight-only Personal Trainer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

I love helping people of all ages and fitness to build incredible strength and learn impressive bodyweight skills.

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I specialize in bodyweight skills training and bodyweight strength training.

Examples of bodyweight skills include crow pose, handstands, muscles up, levers, Lsit, human flag, iron cross, planche and more.

I run 60-minute 1-on-1 outdoor sessions in Leeds Meanwood Park LS6 involving strength-based bodyweight exercises on Olympic rings, parallel bars and flat surface.

I also run calisthenics circuit training classes on Mondays at 7pm.

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1. Based on number of weekly sessions.

CASUAL – £35 – 1/week

INSPIRED – £65 – 2/week (£5 discount)

MOTIVATED – £90 – 3/week (£15 discount)

OBSESSED – £120 – 4/week (£20 discount)

2. Based on specific apparatus training.

RING MASTERY – £120 – 4/week


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Mission Statement

1. Teach impressive bodyweight skills to people of all ages and abilities in a safe and responsible way.

2. Help people develop coordinated strength, agility, flexibility and endurance through bodyweight exercise.

3. Help people unlock their physical potential through calisthenics skills training.

4. Help people acquire discipline and focus through bodyweight skills training.

5. Help people reconnect with their inner child.

6. ​Show​ people​ how awesome​ it​ is to ​train outdoors, not only in the sun and fresh air but even when it rains.​

7. Help people live a more exciting and fulfilling life by enabling them to exercise almost anywhere at anytime, free of charge.