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Essential Back Lever Progressions. How to Train and Tips on Good Form.

The back (rear) lever is a popular isometric hold in calisthenics and street workout. It's primarily a back and shoulder exercise which is much easier than the front lever but nevertheless requires a lot of discipline and hard work. Below are what I consider the five most important progressions for learning the back lever. BACK [...]

Handstand Pirouette Training Dusk Bodyweight Calisthenics Gymnastics

Handstand Pirouette Training A skill that I can't fully control yet is the handstand pirouette on parallettes. That evening I really wanted to get one before going back home. It was getting dark and my shoulders were burning. Form deteriorated but I stubbornly persisted. Eventually, I got lucky! Never give up. Stay focused, patient and consistent.

The Difference Between Touch & Go and Dead Stop Deadlifts, and Why You Should Do Both

Touch & Go (also known as TAG) is a deadlift technique in which you keep your core and back tight in order to control the weight as it goes down, and lift it up the moment the plates touch the  floor. Dead Stop deadlifts involve lifting weight from a standstill, and allow you to [...]