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Gymnastic Rings Training in Bedquilts Adel

I went to Bedquilts Recreation Ground on Good Friday afternoon to train on my rings. It was the first hot day of the Easter heatwave that lasted 4 blissful days (sorry for sounding ignorant of the negative consequences of global warming). I set the rings up on a thick branch at the north-west end of … Continue reading Gymnastic Rings Training in Bedquilts Adel

Calisthetics Caliesthetics Calesthetics Calesthenics Calenetics Calisthenics Callisthenics Pronunciation

Cali-WHAT? The Correct Word for Bodyweight Training

I've heard bodyweight training being called many incorrect words like: Calisthetics Caliesthetics Calesthetics Calesthenics Calenetics The right word to describe bodyweight exercise known as street workout and street fitness is: Callisthenics (British English) Calisthenics (American English) /ˌkalɪsˈθɛnɪks/ or /ˌkæləsˈθenɪks/ Origin Early 19th century: from Greek kallos ‘beauty’ + sthenos ‘strength’ + "-ics". Source: Google

Why Women Don’t Compete on Rings in the Olympics?

Women carry most of their weight and strength in the lower body. Performing on rings requires incredible upper body strength that only men can develop to a professional competitive level. Have you seen a woman do iron cross for instance? Further, performing on a horizontal bar also requires a lot of upper body strength. Women … Continue reading Why Women Don’t Compete on Rings in the Olympics?

A Weird Reason to Stop Eating Meat

Eating meat increases your emotional and physiological stress. While living in unfavourable conditions and especially upon being slaughtered, food animals experience stress. Generated in the animal's brain, the negative energy echoes out into the entire body, muscles, tissues, organs and so on. Subsequently, the meat is soaked with stress. People intake that negative energy through … Continue reading A Weird Reason to Stop Eating Meat

My Journey to Becoming Vegetarian

I was brought up eating meat. Pan-fried chicken breast was my favourite. Mum used to put chicken in soups and rice dishes too. Pork was a bit hard to chew. Few times a year, I might have been lucky to taste beef. I also used to have a lot of that sausage-like food supposedly made … Continue reading My Journey to Becoming Vegetarian

Why I Don’t Hate Meat Eaters

There something I'd like to clarify in relation to my view of meat eaters. I'm a keen vegetarian and would never go back to eating meat unless I'm dying and meat is the only thing to keep me alive. I'm trying to promote vegetarian lifestyle in a friendly way and would love to see the whole … Continue reading Why I Don’t Hate Meat Eaters

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Top 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Meat

1. Modern-day animal farming is the biggest cause of environmental degradation. Climate change, deforestation, air and water pollution are only a few of the negative effects of animal farming. I believe it's in our interest to protect the environment because otherwise life on earth will eventually become too difficult to sustain, especially for future generations. Planet Earth … Continue reading Top 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Meat

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Hello, I’ve started Veggie Blog!

Hello readers, Veggie Vlad here, I've started a blog and YouTube channel with the intention to promote vegetarian diet and lifestyle. I thought to introduce myself with this opening post. I became veggie in October 2015 after watching a documentary about animal cruelty called Earthlings. I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience on a meat-free diet so far, … Continue reading Hello, I’ve started Veggie Blog!