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Outdoor Fitness Classes in Leeds

Looking to do some group exercise in the park while the summer lasts? There is a bodyweight class happening in Meanwood Park on Mondays at 7pm. The class includes gymnastic-based exercises (handstands, L-sits, etc.) as well as some core and leg exercises. People of all ages and abilities can take part and easier alternatives will … Continue reading Outdoor Fitness Classes in Leeds

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How My Attitude to Calisthenics Has Evolved

When I first started doing calisthenics back in 2008, I focused primarily on pull ups, push ups and dips. My focus remained the same for the next 5 or so years. I saw calisthenics as a way to build muscle, gain strength and look good. Occasionally, I would muscle up or handstand but my main … Continue reading How My Attitude to Calisthenics Has Evolved

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Winter’s Good for Weighted Calisthenics

If you are an experienced calisthenics practitioner who can afford a basic gym membership, I strongly recommend incorporating weighted bodyweight exercises in your training as the seasons change. Weighted calisthenics will stimulate your nervous system and help you build more strength. Weighted calisthenics will also prevent you from reaching a plateau.

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Advice on Doing Calisthenics in the Winter

How do I go about training outside when the weather is cold? You wear adequate clothing, adopt a special attitude and exercise with care! The main challenge with doing calisthenics in the winter is keeping oneself warm by wearing decent outdoor clothes. These could be proper winter sportswear, a pullover, or a few light tops … Continue reading Advice on Doing Calisthenics in the Winter