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Top 3 Calisthenics Parks in Leeds

New to Leeds? Here are my favourite places for calisthenics and street workout. 1. Norma Hutchinson Park LS7 horizontal high bars parallel bars monkey bars 2. Bramley Park LS13 horizontal bars parallel bars low horizontal bars monkey bars 3. Horsforth Hall Park LS18 horizontal bars parallel bars monkey bars

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Winter’s Good for Weighted Calisthenics

If you are an experienced calisthenics practitioner who can afford a basic gym membership, I strongly recommend incorporating weighted bodyweight exercises in your training as the seasons change. Weighted calisthenics will stimulate your nervous system and help you build more strength. Weighted calisthenics will also prevent you from reaching a plateau.

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Advice on Doing Calisthenics in the Winter

How do I go about training outside when the weather is cold? You wear adequate clothing, adopt a special attitude and exercise with care! The main challenge with doing calisthenics in the winter is keeping oneself warm by wearing decent outdoor clothes. These could be proper winter sportswear, a pullover, or a few light tops … Continue reading Advice on Doing Calisthenics in the Winter

What Difference is Veggie Vlad Trying to Make in the Calisthenics World?

There are probably thousands of incredible calisthenics athletes around the world. You can see them all on social media. Only a small number of them, however, differ from the rest in three ways - they are higher than 6' 2'', don't eat meat and have strong legs. I'm training to make a difference in the … Continue reading What Difference is Veggie Vlad Trying to Make in the Calisthenics World?

Training Update, 30.10.2017

It might appear I haven't been up to much since quitting Instagram and barely posting on Facebook but I've actually been training really hard. It isn't cold enough yet for me to give up training outdoors and get stuck in the gym, so I'm regularly going to my favourite training ground in Meanwood Park (the … Continue reading Training Update, 30.10.2017

Freejumping at Oxygen in Leeds

I recently bought a 30-day pass to Oxygen Trampoline Park in Leeds to work on learning new flips in a safe environment. I managed to fit 4 sessions and it was well worth the money (£25 instead of £40 for four sessions). This video includes front, back and side flips, gainer with an attempt to … Continue reading Freejumping at Oxygen in Leeds

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A Thank You Card to All My Calisthenics Class Members 2017

Thank you to all those lovely people who attended one or more of my 14 outdoor calisthenics classes in Leeds Meanwood Park this summer 2017. I hope you had a great time building strength and endurance in the sunshine and fresh air. BIG THANK YOU to those who attended my class at least once: Hopi, … Continue reading A Thank You Card to All My Calisthenics Class Members 2017