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When Should I Do New Classes?

Since not everyone is free to attend Monday's training at 7pm, I'm looking to set up new classes and I wonder if people have a preference about start times.

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It’s Not About the Gym or the Equipment, It’s About You.

A gym is just a place and its equipment a tool designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, but the tool itself is less important than the way you use it. You are 100% responsible for becoming a better version of yourself.

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Winter’s Good for Weighted Calisthenics

If you are an experienced calisthenics practitioner who can afford a basic gym membership, I strongly recommend incorporating weighted bodyweight exercises in your training as the seasons change. Weighted calisthenics will stimulate your nervous system and help you build more strength. Weighted calisthenics will also prevent you from reaching a plateau.

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Advice on Doing Calisthenics in the Winter

How do I go about training outside when the weather is cold? You wear adequate clothing, adopt a special attitude and exercise with care! The main challenge with doing calisthenics in the winter is keeping oneself warm by wearing decent outdoor clothes. These could be proper winter sportswear, a pullover, or a few light tops … Continue reading Advice on Doing Calisthenics in the Winter

What Difference is Veggie Vlad Trying to Make in the Calisthenics World?

There are probably thousands of incredible calisthenics athletes around the world. You can see them all on social media. Only a small number of them, however, differ from the rest in three ways - they are higher than 6' 2'', don't eat meat and have strong legs. I'm training to make a difference in the … Continue reading What Difference is Veggie Vlad Trying to Make in the Calisthenics World?