Training Update, 30.10.2017

It might appear I haven't been up to much since quitting Instagram and barely posting on Facebook but I've actually been training really hard. It isn't cold enough yet for me to give up training outdoors and get stuck in the gym, so I'm regularly going to my favourite training ground in Meanwood Park (the … Continue reading Training Update, 30.10.2017

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It’s Been a Great Summer for Calisthenics in Leeds. Thank you!

I would like to express my sincere GRATITUDE to nature and the universe for bringing sunshine over Meanwood Park and giving me, my students and class members a nice, warm and fairly dry summer weather here in Leeds, UK. In particular, I'm extremely thankful it has never rained in any of my weekly outdoor calisthenics classes. … Continue reading It’s Been a Great Summer for Calisthenics in Leeds. Thank you!

Why I Quit Instagram

On 21st August 2017, I deleted my Instagram app for multiple reasons which I don't want to delve into and I'd like to make everyone aware that they'll no longer be receiving hearts from me. I deleted the app but my profile and posts are still on. I might download the app in a few … Continue reading Why I Quit Instagram