Mondays 7PM

Outdoor classes in Meanwood Park on Mondays at 7 pm from early April until late September each year.

Class Type: Upper Body Circuit
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced
Duration: 1 hour
Equipment: Yoga Mats, Parallel Bars, Parallettes, Gymnastic Rings
Capacity: 9 People
Prices: 1 class for £7 per person. Two for £12. Three for £17. Four for £20.

Booking required in advance.

Gunset 16.04.2018

Class Structure

Warm Up & Light Exercise: 5-10 mins
Upper Body Circuit (Main Part): 30 mins
Open Training (Fun Part): 15 mins

Circuit Structure

4 exercise stations. 3 people per station. 2 mins and 30 secs on each station. 3 rounds.

The upper body circuit (the main part of the class) includes 4 exercise stations (i.e. exercises) that up to 3 people will do for 2 minutes and 30 seconds per station and a total of 3 rounds.

No rest between stations but participants can rest at any time during the circuit or when sharing a piece of equipment.

The circuit will include a push exercise (e.g., push ups, chest dips), a pull exercise (e.g., pull ups, inverted rows) and a core exercise (e.g., leg raises, hollow body holds).

Easier and harder alternatives will be given to beginners and intermediates.

In the second round of the circuit, participants will do a static hold variation of the exercises from round one (and later round three). For example, regular pull ups may become a static pull-up hold at the top, chest dips may become an L-sit, and lying leg raises may become a hollow body hold.

The exercises will remain fairly similar from class to class and I will be tracking everyone’s performance.

The Fun Part

In the last 15 or so minutes, participants will get the chance to socialise and play with the equipment.

I’ll be around to spot your handstand and assist your muscle up if needed.

This is the time to practice what you’ve learned and make new friends.

Contact me to find out more or book your place. Check availability.