Book a Class

Here’s a guide on how to book a space in my calisthenics classes.

New Students

1.1 Contact me with an expression of interest in attending.

I might ask about your expectations from the class, if you have any injuries or medical conditions, and how many classes you wish to attend.

1.2 Read the Class Agreement and T’s & C’s.

If you disagree with any of the terms, please contact me. Otherwise, proceed to 2.2

Current Students

2.1 Email me to check if there are any available spaces, or:

Click here to check availability for Gunset 7PM.

2.2 Use PayPal to make a booking payment in advance by clicking here.

1 class for £7 per person.
2 classes for £12 per person.
3 classes for £17 per person.
4 classes for £20 per person.

2.3 As a transaction reference, please state which dates you are booking for.

By completing a booking payment, you agree to the Class Agreement and T’s & C’s.

I will then send you a map with the exact location of the class.