What I Usually Eat

My diet has been good pretty much all my life and I've been continuously seeing results in my training, especially since becoming vegetarian. I'm not saying cutting meat has anything to do with my progress, I don't feel any different in fact, but I strongly believe my diet has played a hugely important role in … Continue reading What I Usually Eat

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Handstand Program (Free)

With the end of the warmest ever British summer of 2018, I'd would like to say big thank you to everyone who attended my handstand classes by offering a free 4-day handstand program to encourage you to keep on training over the winter season. You will spend two days a week focusing purely on balancing … Continue reading Handstand Program (Free)

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7 Dynamic Exercises with Parallel Bars

Dips and Lsits aren't the only exercises to do on parallel bars. There are many other much more challenging movements such as: Tucked Lsit Raises Lsit Pike Lifts Tucked Planche Raises Low Planche Raises Shoulder Stand Leg Raises Shoulder Stand to Lsit Stalder Hold to Tuck Planche https://youtu.be/oIz_4x0_zrI

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Why You Aren’t Getting Better at Calisthenics Skills?

Are you training for a particular bodyweight skill (handstand, muscle up, levers, etc) but aren't making any significant progress with it? Read on to find out why this may be the case. I've written this post assuming that none of the more obvious reasons below apply to you: Not exercising hard enough Example: You tried … Continue reading Why You Aren’t Getting Better at Calisthenics Skills?

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How I Learned the Pike Press Handstand

In this detailed post, I share my personal journey to achieving the pike press to handstand as a 6' 2" (187cm) vegetarian weighting 90kg, with focus on the exercises that worked for me and those that didn't. Brief Summary It took me about a year of consistent training to get the pike press handstand and … Continue reading How I Learned the Pike Press Handstand

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UK PTs Need a License to Train People in the Park

If you are a UK-based personal trainer or fitness instructor looking to train people outdoors (in a park or anywhere in the city), you need to get a license from your local council. Licenses are issued once a year and the typical requirements include: Relevant qualifications Public liability insurance up to £5m First Aid certificate … Continue reading UK PTs Need a License to Train People in the Park

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Outdoor Fitness Classes in Leeds

Looking to do some group exercise in the park while the summer lasts? There is a bodyweight class happening in Meanwood Park on Mondays at 7pm. The class includes gymnastic-based exercises (handstands, L-sits, etc.) as well as some core and leg exercises. People of all ages and abilities can take part and easier alternatives will … Continue reading Outdoor Fitness Classes in Leeds

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How My Attitude to Calisthenics Has Evolved

When I first started doing calisthenics back in 2008, I focused primarily on pull ups, push ups and dips. My focus remained the same for the next 5 or so years. I saw calisthenics as a way to build muscle, gain strength and look good. Occasionally, I would muscle up or handstand but my main … Continue reading How My Attitude to Calisthenics Has Evolved

Beginner Progressions Overhand Wide Pull Ups Learn Tutorial

Pull Up Progressions for Beginners

Can't do a pull up yet? Here are 4 progressions for complete beginners who want to develop the strength necessary for doing 1 or more strict pull ups. Let's go! If you are overweight, you should trim down to your optimum body weight before you even attempt any pull ups. I recommend running 3-5 times a … Continue reading Pull Up Progressions for Beginners