My name is Vlad and I’m a bodyweight skills trainer in Leeds, UK.

I help regular people learn impressive gymnastic skills in addition to building strength, agility, flexibility and endurance with bodyweight training.

I’ve been into calisthenics since 2008 and a vegetarian since May 2015. I’ve been building a strong healthy physique on a meat-free diet primarily with calisthenics. I’m also trying to learn as many gymnastic skills as possible, one at a time.


I specialize in bodyweight skills training and bodyweight strength training.

Examples of bodyweight skills include the crow pose, handstands, muscles up, levers, Lsit, human flag, iron cross, planche and more.

I run calisthenics circuit training classes on Mondays at 7pm in Leeds Meanwood Park LS6, involving strength-based bodyweight exercises on Olympic rings, parallel bars and flat surface.


#1. Teach impressive bodyweight skills to regular people in a safe and responsible way.

#2. Help people develop coordinated strength, agility, flexibility and endurance through bodyweight exercise.

#3. Help people unlock their physical potential through calisthenics skills training.

#4. Help people acquire discipline and focus through bodyweight skills training.

#5. Help people reconnect with their inner child.

#6. ​Show​ people​ how awesome​ it​ is to ​train outdoors, not only in the sun and fresh air but even when it rains.​

#7. Help people live a more exciting and fulfilling life by enabling them to exercise almost anywhere at anytime.


Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

Certificate in First Aid valid until 2020

Public Liability Insurance (up to £5,000,000) valid until 31/03/2019.


I came to Leeds in September 2011 to study at Beckett University. I’ve been doing calisthenics since my mid teenage years and found it shocking the city didn’t offer much opportunities for street workout. At least, I wasn’t able to find them despite being a keen walker ever since. It took me more than a year until I accidentally came across a horizontal bar in Leeds Bramley Park. I was so happy I wanted to cry, and pulling myself up on the bar felt like holding God’s hand. Few months later, I found calisthenics equipment at Norma Hutchinson Park and Horsfort Hall Park.

Prior to that, I exercised at kids playgrounds such as the one in Leeds Hyde Park. I did my pull ups and chest dips there. I adapted to training at kids playgrounds and really enjoyed it when I finally stopped worrying about what people thought of me. Gym membership wasn’t an option. Coming from a poor Eastern European country, I had to be careful with my money anyway. I even remember the place where I did my first street workout in Leeds, just a few days after moving into Woodhouse Flats student residence hall. I was walking around the area desperately looking for a pull-up bar until I saw a horizontal branch. I jumped on it and pulled my body a few times. It was not ideal and I felt awkward especially when students stood looking through the windows. I stayed however and did a few sets of 10 pull ups. Calisthenics was in my blood and I wasn’t prepared to give it up.

One day, I got so inspired I wanted to show others how to exercise outdoors, as an alternative to going to the gym, and began making tutorials about basic calisthenic exercises that could be practised at any children’s playground.

Presently, my training is more consistent than ever and my passion for calisthenics keeps growing. I’m learning new skills and improving old ones. I’ve also began to run outdoor calisthenics classes for those who want to get strong and be able to perform impressive bodyweight skills.