Calisthenics in Geneva

I visited Geneva for 6 days in September and came across a good few calisthenics parks. The city is beautiful and very livable. There is outdoor fitness equipment in nearly every corner of the city, as outlined by Laila Rodriguez-Bloch, but I would like to show you two spots I enjoyed the most.

The first spot has a simple calisthenics rig with pull up bars and monkey bars conveniently located next to my accommodation on Rue de Geneve, Gaillard, France, at bus stop 74240 Gaillard Marche.

calisthenics park rig geneva france border street workout pull up bars parallel dips

My favorite thing about this rig was the height of the bars. I was able to pull up with perfect form (legs straight, abs engaged, pelvis tucked in) even when my arms were fully extended and despite myself being 187cm / 6’2″ tall. I really appreciate it when bars are built with adults in mind. A disadvantage of the rig is that it’s located next to a road that gets busy in the morning when people drive to work.

calisthenics rig geneva france border street workout pull up bars

The second spot is a proper calisthenics park located southwest of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) at Rue de-Châteaubriand, 1202 Genève, Switzerland. It features multiple high and low bars, Swedish wall and three parallel bars.

calisthenics park rig geneva street workout pull up bars parallel dips

The equipment is located among other facilities such as a skate park, tennis tables, enclosed football pitch and more. This is a great place to meet like-minded people as it often gets busy, especially on weekends.

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