Gymnastic Rings Training in Bedquilts Adel

I went to Bedquilts Recreation Ground on Good Friday afternoon to train on my rings. It was the first hot day of the Easter heatwave that lasted 4 blissful days (sorry for sounding ignorant of the negative consequences of global warming).

I set the rings up on a thick branch at the north-west end of the park. There was a sense of tranquility in the air as the sun was slowly setting down. The atmosphere was completely different than a typical Tuesday evening in Xercise4Less on Kirkstall Road when Zumba music is deafeningly loud.

I’ve been really enjoying training on rings this year. I love the way it makes me feel. It’s drains me out of my strength and gives me a dull ache in the upper body. This is when I know my tendons and ligaments have had a workout too. Ring muscle ups are a fantastic exercise for the forearm flexors and outer biceps (brachialis) which may prevent one from achieving harder skills if left weak and underdeveloped.

Here’s a gymnastic rings challenge for my readers. It will test your strength and endurance. Perform the exercises in the above video in one sequence:

Skin the Cat
Straddle Back Lever (2 seconds max hold)
Back Kip to Support
Muscle Up to Lsit
Forward Roll to Support
Dip to Skin the Cat to Full Back Lever (2 seconds max hold)
Advanced Front Lever with Bent Knees (max hold)

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