What I Usually Eat

My diet has been good pretty much all my life and I’ve been continuously seeing results in my training, especially since becoming vegetarian. I’m not saying cutting meat has anything to do with my progress, I don’t feel any different in fact, but I strongly believe my diet has played a hugely important role in helping me continuously get better at calisthenics. Let’s go straight to the facts.

I’m 187 cm tall, 90kg in weight and I have a high carb, medium fat and medium protein diet. I don’t count calories and macros but I estimate I eat around 2500 calories a day, approximately 130g of which are protein. I eat three big meals a day and use Quorn chicken pieces as meat substitute. I train at least 3 times a week and overall I feel energetic although it often takes me a long time to warm up properly, endurance is good and so is recovery. I cycle to my part-time job and the gym, and walk outdoors for 30-45 mins as active rest on my recovery days. I think my body fat is 8-12% and I’m very happy with the way I look.

My diet is no special and here’s all the good and the bad that’s been fueling me for the past few years.


1) Oats with milk (plus raisins/cereal, various nuts, various seeds but mainly chia, and maca powder)


2) Baked beans on toast (with butter or similar spread) and two fried eggs

I often have this for dinner if I eat oats in the morning, and vice versa.

3) Fried eggs on toast with butter and spinach

I avoid having this third option because it doesn’t fuel me for long enough. However, I’d happily have this if I feel like eating something light in the evening.

Lunch & Dinner

1) Brown rice and lentils with Quorn chicken pieces, sweet potatoes and mixed veg (peas, carrots, sweet corn, broccoli or kale)


2) Quinoa with Quorn chicken pieces, sweet potatoes and mixed veg


3) Wraps with a stir-fry of Quorn pieces, mushrooms, peppers and onion cooked with Hoisin sauce (plus avocado/cheese, lettuce/spinach, tomatoes, sweet corn and grated carrots)


4) Salad (lettuce/spinach, tomatoes, sweet corn and grated carrots) with Quorn pieces and freshly made bread.

Special Occasions Lunch & Dinner

1) Chickpea Burgers (with oats, onion, egg and spices) served with avocado or cheese, lettuce or spinach or rocket, and tomatoes in a brioche bun.


2) Red lentil Dahl with spinach


3) Vegetable Supreme pizza from ASDA


4) Oven chips with reduced-sugar ketchup (side meal)


1) Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts or others)


2) Peanut butter on bread or bagel


3) Skyr yogurt (with cereal if natural)


4) Cookies (oats & raisins or chocolate)

That’s currently it! Other meals might soon join the list as I learn to cook new things like Butternut squash soup and Mexican bean wraps.

Please note, if you aren’t active enough, such diet will make you gain weight.

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