New Calisthenics Classes Starting in June 2018

The results from April’s poll regarding when I should start new classes are as follows:

Mondays 7am – 2 votes

Wednesdays 7am – 1 vote

Fridays 7am – 2 votes
Fridays 8am – 2 votes
Fridays 6.30pm – 3 votes
Fridays 7pm – 3 votes
Friday 7.30pm – 2 votes

I remember saying that if there were at least 3 people interested in the same time slot, I would most likely start a new class. Unfortunately, my availability has changed and I’ve decided to go against the crowd and start 4 new classes on days and times that weren’t part of the poll. Early birds and afternoon bees, these ones are for you!

The new classes will commence next week at the following times:

Mondays 7am and Wednesdays 7am – Legs & Core
(a mix of explosive leg exercises and core work on parallel bars)

Tuesdays 7am and Thursdays 7am – Shoulders & Handstands
(a mix of upper body push exercises and lots of handstands)

Booking is now open.

The capacity for all new classes is 10 people, £5-7 per person. Duration: 45-60 minutes.

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