Calisthenics Classes 2018: Start Date and Important Info.

With daily temperatures gradually rising up, I’m excited to announce this year’s calisthenics classes will commence on 16th April 2018! The current weather forecast on that day looks good with 13° intermittent sunshine in the afternoon.

I’m also happy to announce that the council has granted me full permission to run outdoor classes in Meanwood Park.

By order of the council, however, I’m not allowed to attach any equipment to the trees. There shall be no Olympic rings in this year’s calisthenics classes unfortunately. I’m very unhappy about this, but I have a duty to preserve nature and respect the law.

As a result, this year’s classes will focus heavily on handstands, and include accessory exercises (for the core, shoulders, etc.) as well as doing actual handstands on parallettes, with my support if necessary.

In terms of capacity, this year’s classes will have 12 spaces (previously 7). Each class will last 60 minutes and generally include two circuit workouts lasting approximately 15 minutes each. There will be 5 or 6 stations (exercises) per workout, and two people will share a station for 1 minute in total. More details will be provided on the day.

Join in if you want to learn or improve your handstand! Come also if you want to build some good upper body strength. You will meet some nice people too!

In terms of cost, the more classes you book the cheaper:

1 class for £7 per person.
2 classes for £12 per person.
3 classes for £17 per person.
4 classes for £20 per person.

I’m now accepting bookings and in the next few days, I will begin contacting every single person who’s emailed me to express interest in attending the classes, including previous students from last year.

I look forward to forming the group!

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