Road Map to Handstands

If you are a beginner who can’t do a handstand, you need to train your muscles with easier exercises first. I highly recommend learning the following exercises in progressive order:

1. Push ups

Learn to do at least 20 push ups if you are a man, or 10 if you’re a woman. Push ups will strengthen the triceps, shoulders, chest and back.

2. Dips

Learn to do at least 10 dips if you are man, or 5 if you are a woman. Dips will further strengthen the triceps, shoulders, chest and back.

3. Crow Pose

Learn to balance a crow pose with bent arms for at least 30 seconds. Some of my students learned to crow pose after push ups and before they could do enough dips. The crow pose will strengthen your wrists and shoulders as well as give you an idea of what it’s like to balance on your hands. Your focus and body awareness will also improve.

4. Handstand Training

road map to handstands vlad d veggie vlad progressions skills

Once you are able to do push ups, dips and the crow pose, your muscles should be strong enough to support you in a handstand position. You will learn to handstand sooner than if you jumped straight to doing handstands as a complete beginner; it will be safer and more enjoyable too.

Stay tuned for more updates on how to train for a handstand. Meanwhile, here are two exercises that I believe will help you the most in learning to balance a handstand:

4.1 Kicking Up to Handstand (as briefly mentioned in this video)
4.2 Wall-Assisted Handstand Holds

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