What Difference is Veggie Vlad Trying to Make in the Calisthenics World?

There are probably thousands of incredible calisthenics athletes around the world. You can see them all on social media. Only a small number of them, however, differ from the rest in three ways – they are higher than 6′ 2”, don’t eat meat and have strong legs.

I’m training to make a difference in the calisthenics world as a tall vegetarian who can perform the hardest bodyweight skills, in addition to heavyweight squats and deadlifts. I would like people and future generations to see me as a fitness enthusiast who learned to planche, iron cross and sumo deadlift above 200kg despite following a meat-free diet and being too tall for gymnastics.

I would like my videos to motivate people (especially tall beginners) to work out consistently and know that results will eventually come, regardless of their height or age. I did it and I’m still growing stronger and learning new skills even without eating meat, so I’m absolutely certain you can do it too. With passion and consistency, you will achieve any bodyweight skill you set out to learn. I guarantee you will reconnect with your inner child, experience lots of internal satisfaction and a deep sense of personal achievement as you progress towards complete body mastery.

Lastly, remember to enjoy every step of the lengthy process of bodyweight skills training. The journey counts more than the destination. Be patient and stay dedicated.

calisthenics bodyweight personal trainer leeds street workout

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