Training Update, 30.10.2017

It might appear I haven’t been up to much since quitting Instagram and barely posting on Facebook but I’ve actually been training really hard. It isn’t cold enough yet for me to give up training outdoors and get stuck in the gym, so I’m regularly going to my favourite training ground in Meanwood Park (the tennis courts) to play on my parallettes. I wouldn’t exactly call it play but it I love calisthenics so much that I see it as fun regardless of how hard it is to train like a gymnast.

I’ve been training about 5 times a week and consistently working on something really exciting. I’m basically training to connect about 7 skills into a short routine on the parallettes, such as this:

stalder hold >
push up to handstand >
half pirouette >
handstand to shoulder stand >
planche with bent arms >
stalder hold >
push up to handstand >
half pirouette >
handstand to stalder hold

I can do all of the skills individually but I don’t have the strength and endurance to execute them all in a sequence. So this is what I’ve been working on and I’m really excited to share the progress I’ve made. Not that anybody cares but I’m excited anyway. It will be a huge personal achievement!

Other than that, I’ve given my press to handstand a bit of a break and decided to work on my handstand push ups instead. I can now do about 5 handstand push ups with great form (straight body, elbows bent backwards) but I’m hoping to hit 7 or 8 before Christmas.

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