Why I Quit Instagram

Update 01.11.2018

Having adopted the Selective IG Approach, I’m back on Instagram to share my training success every now and then.

Original Post

On 21st August 2017, I deleted my Instagram app for multiple reasons which I don’t want to delve into and I’d like to make everyone aware that they’ll no longer be receiving hearts from me.

I deleted the app but my profile and posts are still on. I might download the app in a few months time to upload a new progress video but I won’t log in anytime soon.

In short, I no longer believe Instagram could grow me or my followers in any meaningful way. I can hardly find valuable information on such a platform designed primarily for sharing pictures. I will now focus on creating educational content on better platforms like YouTube, Facebook and even my own website. Secondly, I no longer see Instagram as an effective marketing tool to help me find people who need personal training in calisthenics. You don’t have to agree but people who are truly interested in learning calisthenics will make the effort to search for a bodyweight trainer on Google rather than get in touch seemigly inspired after one of my cool vids popped in their timeline. Thirdly, I could see an addiction developing regarding the way I used Instagram. I found myself wanting to document every single training session and every little progress I was making. Now that my Insta is no longer there to distract me, I am able to fully immerse myself in training and will display some serious progress in a couple of months!

Please note my decision wasn’t influenced by anything posted or shared by my followers or the people I follow. In fact, I will kind of miss seeing updates from good IG friends I really cared about.

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