How I Became a Calisthenics Personal Trainer, and Why I Do What I Do?​

How I Became a Calisthenics Personal Trainer?

I became a calisthenics trainer at the beginning of 2017 but I’ve had a lifelong passion for calisthenics and exercise​. I decided to pursue a career in fitness after receiving a few messages from followers saying they liked my workout videos and asked if I did any personal training. It wasn’t the financial aspect that motivated me however. I realized I finally had an opportunity to teach people not only how to get stronger with calisthenics but also how to perform impressive bodyweight skills using the most versatile piece of fitness equipment – the human body. I saw an opportunity to reveal the beauty of bodyweight exercise to others and make them fall in love with it.

By the way, I wanted to be an outdoor personal trainer back in 2013 but failed to show people how a kids playground could effectively become a training facility. Plus, playgrounds belong to children, it would have been unsafe and morally wrong to train clients there. Now, my intention is to train people on Olympic rings and parallel bars which I can place almost anywhere in my local park without causing a disturbance, and I also hope to inspire people to unlock the beauty and strength of their own body by practicing calisthenics.

Why I do what I do?

As a bodyweight personal trainer, my goals are to:

#1. Teach impressive bodyweight skills to regular people in a safe and responsible way.

#2. Help people develop coordinated strength, agility, flexibility and endurance through bodyweight exercise.

#3. Help people unlock their physical potential through calisthenics skills training.

#4. Help people acquire discipline and focus through bodyweight skills training.

#5. Help people reconnect with their inner child.

#6. ​Show​ people​ how awesome​ it​ is to ​train outdoors, not only in the sun and fresh air but even when it rains.​

#7. Help people live a more exciting and fulfilling life by enabling them to exercise almost anywhere at anytime.


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