My Best Exercise for Learning to Handstand

Most people train for a handstand by kicking up and hoping for the best. There’s a more efficient exercise you should be doing if you goal is to stay upside down for longer than 2 seconds. The exercise I’m about to show you isn’t inclusive, there are many accessory exercises a beginner should do.

If I had to choose only one exercise for mastering the handstand, that would be the wall assisted handstand hold. This exercise is great because it encourages proper straight form while keeping the upper body under tension.

Walk yourself up into a handstand (facing in) extremely close to the wall. Make sure no body part touches the wall except your toes which should be pointed to the sky. Lock elbows out and squeeze the glutes. Keep a neutral spine. This hold will train your muscles a lot more than kicking up to freestanding handstands.

Consider the following comparison. If I kick up to a handstand 5 times and balance it for 5 seconds each time, I will have spent a total of 25 seconds upside down. If I hold a handstand against the wall for 5 sets of just 25 seconds each, I will have trained my muscles and technique harder and will progress faster.

Please note. If you cannot handstand against the wall for more than 30 seconds, I don’t think you are ready for a freestanding one yet. You may need to work on your push ups and dips to strengthen the upper body. If you can hold a wall assisted handstand for about 60 seconds, your next step would be to gently tap way from wall and work on your freestanding handstand. Learn to balance for at least 10-15 seconds that way before you go kicking up to a freestanding HS on flat.

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