The Beauty of Parallettes

How would you react if I tell you that there is a little inexpensive tool that can basically enable you to practice the elite sport of gymnastics in your own home or nearby park?

Parallettes are a set of two small portable parallel bars designed for upper body workout. It’s one of the simplest yet extremely versatile pieces of training equipment.

Parallettes aren’t meant for just press ups and dips. There are numerous exercises known as bodyweight skills (lsit, handstand, planche and more) that you can perform on parallettes. The possibilities are honestly limitless. There are more than 10 variations of the handstand and planche, for example. New moves and tricks emerge so often that they don’t have a universally accepted name yet. Acquiring these skills is hard but transitions (from one skill to another) are even harder. Combine lsit with handstand and you get the press handstand. Simply put, there is a ton of exciting skills to learn and invent by training on parallettes.

Once you learn a few skills you can transition between, you end up with not only a workout but also a performance. Think of a gymnastics routine at the Olympics but much shorter and less complex. Eventually, you’ll develop your own style too (explosive, gracious, etc). That’s when the beauty of exercising on parallettes begins. The more skills and transitions you acquire, and the more you develop your style, the more impressive your performance will be.

Learning skills on the parallettes will resemble solving a puzzle. The more skills you have, the fuller the picture. Aren’t you curious what the completed picture of your puzzle would display? I mean I wonder how training on parallettes may influence your life. I became a calisthenics personal trainer but you may become a gymnastics coach or join a circus group. Even if you aren’t able to make a career out of performing on parallettes, something in your life will certainly change for the better, be it your personality, relationships or career.

That’s only if you recognize parallette training as a form of artistic movement, not as fitness for aesthetics.

You still don’t see the point of such skills training? Give it a try. Take up calisthenics. Find a set of parallettes. Get in the habit of training regularly and you will be surprised by the rewards. Your body will thank you for forcing it to move in ways it’s never done before. Remember to celebrate every little success along the way. One day you will realize the immensity of your physical potential. You will also learn to celebrate life through artistic movement instead of partying and drinking alcohol. All the discipline and hard work you invest in growing your physical abilities on parallettes will start to pay off sooner or later.

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