Skills Progress Update and Current Aspirations

It’s been more than a year since my break dance society closed down and I began working on my calisthenics skills consistently with the intention to improve old skills and learn new ones.

My biggest achievement for that period has been learning to hold a straight handstand on both flat and parallel bars without arching my lower back.

My back lever has also improved a lot. I used to arch my lower back but now my body is much more straight and parallel to the ground. I can hold a back lever for longer than 10 seconds too.

My ability to front lever is still poor. I’m a little sad about that because I’ve been doing calisthenics for so many years and I can’t do more than a tucked front lever.

I’ve done a little work on the planche and iron cross but I’m highly unlikely to acquire these two skills anytime soon, realistically speaking. I believe in myself but you have to be aware that these are probably the hardest bodyweight skills a human being has ever done, so I’ll save the best for last.

My current priority is to learn to press handstand. I’m also working on the stalder press at times. I’ve learned to straddle press to handstand which I’m very happy about but I’d like to learn a full press handstand on both parallettes and floor.

I’m loving training on parallettes. I can take them to the local park or train at my door step when limited by time. My hope is to create a sequence of skills to be performed on parallel bars. I’ve recently learnt to do handstand pirouettes on PBs and if I learn the press handstand, I’d be able to execute the following skills in order: lsit, press handstand, pirouette and down to lsit or straddle hold. How cool would that be!

I’ve learned to do one handstand push up on parallel bars and to also transition from lsit to handstand but my handstand push ups still need a lot of work. I’ve not been able to work on these for the last few months because of a slight elbow pain.

To conclude, there’s a lot I’d like to learn and despite my height and vegetarian status, I feel it’ll only be a matter of time rather than physical abilities and diet. I’m also enjoying the process, I love exercising outdoors and catching whatever sun rays the UK sky throws over Leeds.


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