Never Too Late to Learn Gymnastics! This Leeds Calisthenics PT will Teach You the Basics

You want to do gymnastics? But think you are too old, inflexible or weak for such a tough sport?

As a calisthenics personal trainer in Leeds, I run 1-2-1 outdoor workout sessions which incorporate a lot of gymnastics-inspired bodyweight exercises on rings, parallel bars and flat surface. What is calisthenics?

I’m not a professional gymnastics coach and I won’t be able to turn you into an Olympic athlete but if you are keen on learning some basic gymnastic skills, like handstands (press handstand, stalder press, etc.), levers and the muscle up, I’d be very happy to work with you.

Regardless of your age and gender, I’d be excited to help you build a strong foundation for gymnastics and guide you to learning some basic yet impressive bodyweight skills.

Be prepared to work hard though! I don’t have a shortcut to quick progress but I’ll give you easy progression exercises to create a fun and rewarding learning experience.

To find out more or book a PT session, click contact me.


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