Bodyweight Only Personal Trainer in Leeds

Looking for a personal trainer but don’t like lifting weights? Want to get fitter and stronger by doing only bodyweight exercises?

My name is Vlad and I’m a Calisthenics Personal Trainer in Leeds. Calisthenics is a way of strength training with compound bodyweight exercises. Beginner calisthenic exercises include push ups, sit ups and pull ups. Advanced calisthenic exercises include handstands, muscle ups and levers. I can help you achieve your fitness goals through bodyweight training with zero weights involved. The only weight you’ll be lifting is your own body weight.

There are hundreds of exercises with varying intensity we could be doing that will be just as effective and maybe even better than lifting weights in the gym. Drawing inspiration from gymnastics and street workout, my bodyweight personal training builds muscle and incredible upper body strength along with agility, flexibility and endurance.

Presently, I train people in Leeds Meanwood Park LS6. Sessions last 1 hour and incorporate exercises on flat surface, parallel bars and rings. Contact me to find out more or check out my Facebook and Instagram.



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