5 Misconceptions About Learning Calisthenics Skills

NO SHORTCUTS TO QUICK PROGRESS There aren't any shortcuts to learning new skills in calisthenics. Performance enhancing drugs will help you gain mass and strength, but muscle coordination is obtained through dedicated practice. Drugs will skyrocket your strength and size in bodybuilding or athletics, but calisthenics skills require a lot of muscle coordination that drugs … Continue reading 5 Misconceptions About Learning Calisthenics Skills


Quick Healthy Oatmeal with 37g of Protein

HEALTHY OATMEAL made with oats, cashew nuts, goji berries, chia seeds and soya milk. TOTAL MACROS: 95g CARBS / 32g FAT / 37g PROTEIN TOTAL CALORIES: 834 Ingredients > How it's made > https://youtu.be/j29ZHfmV5H0