Bored of the Gym? Calisthenics is the Alternative!

Are you passionate about exercise but bored of going to the gym? Are you tired of lifting weights and doing repetitive movements using gym equipment? Has the atmosphere in the gym begun to demotivate you to work out?

If you are looking for a different exercise-related activity that’s going to not only bring back the joy of training hard and seeing results but also take you on a new journey of self-development, I might have a solution for you.

Calisthenics Personal Trainer Training Bodyweight Strength Skills Outdoors
V-sit on Parallel Bars at Norma Hutchinson Calisthenics Park

Calisthenics, also known as Street Workout, is a form of strength training with compound bodyweight exercises. It is a way of gaining coordinated strength, agility, mobility and endurance by doing challenging yet impressive bodyweight exercises. Calisthenics resembles gymnastics and can be done on bars (one horizontal high bar or two parallel bars) or any flat surface at any time, completely free. There is no limit to what you can achieve and some of the skills you could learn include handstands, muscle ups, levers and the human flag. Here’s how calisthenics looks like:

I’m a calisthenics personal trainer in Leeds and I would be more than happy to introduce you to the amazing sport of calisthenics. Contact me to find out more.

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