Why Women Don’t Compete on Rings in the Olympics?

Women carry most of their weight and strength in the lower body. Performing on rings requires incredible upper body strength that only men can develop to a professional competitive level. Have you seen a woman do iron cross for instance? Further, performing on a horizontal bar also requires a lot of upper body strength. Women compete on uneven horizontal bars though, because the lower bar gives their upper body a chance to rest as they switch bars. To summarize, a woman’s body isn’t suited to perform static holds on rings.

The second reason why women don’t do rings is gender-based and relates to women’s role in society. Men are supposed to be strong, and women are to be feminine and gracious. Although both genders do overlapping or identical apparatus such as floor, men focus on flips and strength, whereas women on graciousness and balance. A woman’s physical abilities are a lot more suited for performing on the balance beam than pommel horse.

As a Calisthenics Personal Trainer, I’m not concerned by my clients’ gender or age. I’m eager to assist both men and women with learning how to exercise on rings and developing skills like muscle ups, l-sits, levers, handstands and more. It’s time to change societal norms.

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