Low-Calorie Vegetarian Chicken Wraps

INGREDIENTS Lettuce Mushrooms (200g) Olive Oil Onion x1 Pepper x1 Quorn Meat-Free Chicken Pieces (350g) Rocket Soft Cheese Tomatoes x2 Wraps Chow Mein Blue Dragon Sauce COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Chop the mushrooms, onion and pepper. Add a few table spoons of olive oil to a pan and fry all together with the quorn chicken pieces, stirring [...]


The Difference Between Touch & Go and Dead Stop Deadlifts, and Why You Should Do Both

Touch & Go (also known as TAG) is a deadlift technique in which you keep your core and back tight in order to control the weight as it goes down, and lift it up the moment the plates touch the  floor. https://www.facebook.com/veggievlad/videos/1859363410952980/ Dead Stop deadlifts involve lifting weight from a standstill, and allow you to [...]