sumo deadlifting practice 160 KG 352LB

Sumo Deadlifting up to 160KG / 352lb Although I'm not particularly happy with my lifting technique in this video, I thought to share my current personal record in sumo deadlifting - 160KG.

l-sit hold on tree nature workout exercise

Creative Workout in the Woods & Vegetarian Physique Update It is possible to have a quality workout in the wood with a bit of creativity and experimentation. For those of you who don't have a local gym, or live nearby a wood or mountain area, consider the bodyweight exercises in this video: running on uneven ground, handstanding on stones, lifting and squatting with [...]

A Weird Reason to Stop Eating Meat

Eating meat increases your emotional and physiological stress. While living in unfavourable conditions and especially upon being slaughtered, food animals experience stress. Generated in the animal's brain, the negative energy echoes out into the entire body, muscles, tissues, organs and so on. Subsequently, the meat is soaked with stress. People intake that negative energy through [...]