Why I Don’t Hate Meat Eaters

There something I’d like to clarify in relation to my view of meat eaters.

I’m a keen vegetarian and would never go back to eating meat unless I’m dying and meat is the only thing to keep me alive. I’m trying to promote vegetarian lifestyle in a friendly way and would love to see the whole world go meat-free. I intend to prove that it’s possible to attain a strong healthy ripped physique on a veggie diet. I also hope to make people aware of the negative consequences of meat consumption on the environment, animals, and their personal health. Eating meat isn’t illegal and I wouldn’t force anyone to eat plants, but I would like meat eaters to understand they have the power to make a simple choice that would consequently make a huge positive difference in the world we all love.

The reason I don’t hate meat-eaters is because people differ in terms of psychological and spiritual development. People experience the world differently too and their values differ. Every human being has a unique life journey to complete. I believe it requires a higher level of consciousness for someone to go meat-free, unless religious or health reasons are involved. It’s easy to learn the fact that animal agriculture is harming the environment. The difficulty arises when you need to make sacrifices and alter habits. Motivation should come from within the self for lasting change to occur. However, that motivation to change won’t kick in unless the person has reached the necessary mental stage of development which will in turn enable the individual to feel compassion towards food animals and responsibility for his/her actions, and to eventually grasp the importance of a lifestyle change.

It also requires a big loving heart to stop participating in animal cruelty. Loving is a skill that some meat eaters haven’t acquired or fully developed yet. As a result, some meat eaters are unable to show equal compassion towards all types of animals, except domestic pets. I’m confident, however, that meat eaters will become more connected with all forms of life as time goes by. Currently, it seems meat eaters are managing to swallow any guilt coming from eating a delicious piece of abused meat.

Meat eaters may be ignorant or selfish in relation to meat consumption but I still choose not to hate because hate won’t change anything, education would. Fellow veggies and vegans, let’s not create separation because of dietary choices. Instead, let’s aid our meat-eating friends into personal growth, with patience and acceptance.





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