Top 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Meat

1. Modern-day animal farming is the biggest cause of environmental degradation.

Climate change, deforestation, air and water pollution are only a few of the negative effects of animal farming. I believe it’s in our interest to protect the environment because otherwise life on earth will eventually become too difficult to sustain, especially for future generations. Planet Earth is your home, not the house you live in. Without a healthy environment, we can’t have a healthy life.

For more information, please read Food Choice & Sustainability by Dr. Richard Oppenlander.

2. Meat consumption is correlated with heart disease, obesity and cancer.

There are numerous studies that examine the harmful effects of eating animal products. I recommend reading Dr. Thomas Campbell’s The China Study which provides evidence that plant-based diets protect against coronary disease and diabetes. So if animal products can damage your health, I believe it’s in your best interest to reduce your meat intake as much as possible, especially if you’re mid-aged.

3. Stop animal cruelty.

Animals deserve to live in adequate conditions, with access to fresh air and water, not in dirty, overcrowded farms with daily abuse from factory workers. I’m repelled to see animals get slaughtered because there is no real need for it. We can survive on a plant-based diet. Research proves the human body and digestive system are actually designed to eat plants, not meat. Therefore, I don’t want to participate in the killing of millions of animals, and I invite you to join me. There are tasty meat-free food alternatives too!

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