Don’t waste time on this website.

You can’t build muscle on a vegetarian diet.

Tall people can’t do gymnastics.

Or can they?

Stay and you might get inspired.

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What I Do

It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” – Socrates

I’m a heavy, tall guy (90kg, 187cm) who’s on a mission to unlock some of the hardest bodyweight skills in calisthenics and gymnastics.

I’ve been doing calisthenics since 2008, mostly basic reps and sets in the first five years, and eating veggie food since 2015.

I’m learning new skills, improving old ones and sharing knowledge as I work towards complete bodyweight mastery.

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My Goals

Current Goals
Handstand Push Ups, Archer and Typewriter Pull Ups, Dragon Fly

Ultimate Goals
Front Lever, Planche, Iron Cross

Previously Achieved
Muscle Up, Back Lever, Human Flag, Press Handstand

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Let’s Connect

If you have stayed here this far, you must be interested in exercise too.

I’d be eager to know about your experience and goals, so why not drop me a message?

Local to Leeds? Let’s collaborate or head out for a workout!


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